Corporate Wellness

Workplace Wellness Programs

Happy and healthy employees are proved to be better performing and more productive. Providing your employees with wellness programs at the workplace brings an improved health and well-being, job satisfaction, lower absenteeism and as a result a direct positive impact on the overall performance and success of the company.

In addition to helping employees get healthier, wellness programs build a sense of camaraderie and unity, team spirit as well as give a motivation and inspiration.

Our wellness programs range from simply learning how to reduce stress and muscle strain when you are at a job, nutrition and well-being topics, relaxation techniques, time management to customized workout at work (yoga, Pilates, dance classes). Individually tailored programs are available.


Corporate Wellness services and packages

  • nutrition/wellness/fitness workshops and talks
  • team building activities
  • customized group workouts (dance, yoga, Pilates sessions)
  • office fitness:
    • stress release and relaxation at works techniques,
    • muscle strain at workplace,
    • time management


Corporate performance

Impress everyone at annual corporate dinners, anniversaries with
  • exclusively designed choreography to your choice of music
  • Broadway style short shows
  • shows with theater, dance, musical elements


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