Marina Murakhovskaya


Marina with her deep experience and skills presents a unique combination – she has been dancing and performing since she was a child. She is a certified Health Coach, and an experienced teacher.

She has always known that office job is not for her, and wanted to create a reality, where passion and true desire will be her job. She tried many directions, and although none of them contradicted her principles of not doing what she dislike – nothing felt good enough and something have always been missing.

Marina have been teaching kids of different ages for many years, got her professional Health Coach certification and held lectures and workshop on Nutrition, and Well-Being topics in different environments. She kept her Self Exploring and Search, while getting and mastering new skills.

She wanted to combine spiritual elements, with health and nutrition principles, and dance that she have always loved so much; and all those were supposed to add value to people`s lives. That was the Goal, the Idea that seemed to be very hard to implement.

One day she met a person that shared similar visions and the blurred idea became a Plan. As the puzzle pieces started to lay on place and after days and nights of exciting ideas sharing, planning, dealing with unexpected and sometimes frustrating situations; and Magical Transformation Studio (MT Studio) was born!

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